“You know what? There are some maps presenting the light pollution, take a look!”  said Matej at a moment our Sunday’s plans unexpectedly fell through. Indeed, there are maps like that and you can look up the areas, which are completely dark during the night. That helps a lot when planning stars photography. When I was about to find a reasonable map, Wojtek called. We decided to go near Zegrze Reservoir, for sure a super dark place, and that we take Karolina with us!


As true star seakers, we set out under cover of the night. It was still a warm Sunday evening.


on our way to Zegrzedriving a car near Zegrze


Matej took us to the village called Janki, a charming place by the river Bug, where he and his friends repair their oldschool car, Żuk. Unfortunately, Bug turned out not to be as photogenic as we desired, so we talked for a while with a couple of swans and drove to the other place.


Next place we visited was a small hill, which was a historic place for our friend’s grandma and grand-grandpa, who had been watching Warsaw on fire during the Second World War. Passing by the road sign “Do nieba” (meaning to heaven in Polish), we got to the top of this historic hill!


car lights in fieldslow light portrait


Instead of fire, we found endless fields of wheat, corn with haystacks here and there. We found the highest stack rather quickly and clambered on it. While sitting there for two hours, we said goodbye to the last rays of the sun, had a short astronomy lesson taught by Wojtek (with a little help of his iPhone), were posing for Matej, and got a bit cold.



portrait on a stackportrait

stars over Warsaw

stars and a carstars and a car

our team from Klub Filmowo-Fotograficzny FOCUS


That’s our team: fearless Karolina, persistent Wojtek, courageous Matej and me.