There are to major facts I have to start with: the first one is that I’m really not into sightseeing and visiting cities. I can never enjoy it that much and basically I never know what to do. The second one regards my conviction (or actually my lack of experience) that Italy is mostly a skiing destination – I’ve been there only during winter.


It appears that Italy is not only about mountains and that visiting cities it’s not as bad as it seems. As long as you don’t have a strict plan and consider walking around without any particular purpose, though. Yes, it is that simple! All this wouldn’t happen if not an invitation from my half Italian friend who invited me over and let me eat, drink wine and sleep in his home near Florence.


But first, some pictures from Bologna the capital of mortadella where I flew to.



The best part of travelling with locals is that you don’t have to worry that much what to do and what to see. It’s all about feeling the vibe of the place, hanging out with friends and staying chilled and relaxed.



Hey, parkour is super cool!