Well, that’s the first post written from Copenhagen! And the pictures below are the first ones I took in Copenhagen (ok, that’s a bit of a lie, but still I haven’t been photographing much recently!). Yesterday at Copenhagen Boulders there was a really cool competition in bouldering. As I was taking part in the preliminary, I was able to take pictures only during the finals to which I haven’t been qualified (I actually didn’t hope for that).


before finals

on the way to the topclimbing to the top

climber thinking about moves

falling down from slabbouldering competitions

overhang boulderingfoothook and heelhook in overhang bouldering

chalking upremember to prepare before a climb

a girl in lightthink about the moves

climbing finals in Copenhagen Boulderscross

fall from the boulder

falling down from a boulder

ready to jumpfoot high up boulderin

cross move climbing

chalk in the airthink before you climb

hard position overhang bouldering

to the tophappiness

one arm hang

Copenhagen Boulders Fun Cup finalists