After all trouble and boulders done in the Czech Republic and Italy, we finally arrived to our destination: Magic Wood. This is the place, to which people people travel from almost whole Europe swap their  skin and energy in order to get the memories of climbing ascents. It couldn’t have been different in our case! With painful elbows, worn-off fingertips and scratches all over our bodies all of us improved our record grades in Magic Wood.
Magic Wood, Switzerland.
There is no way I could start this post with any other picture than the one with the legendary sign!


sign in Magic Wood

Maciek is bouldering on Enterprice 7a in Magic Wood | classic | climbing | spotting

a perfect spot for bouldering | riverside | Magic Wood | beach

Paula looking for boulders in Magic Wood Magic Wood | riverside


Having experienced the climbing challenges we decided to take one day off in order to regenerate ourselves, relax a little and recover our strength. We mostly just focused on eating cookies and discovering beautiful Swiss valleys.




And finally, a couple of pictures from the way back. I have to admit that almost until the very end our trip had been surprisingly successful. In the evening we managed to eat a pizza in Oleśnica- a beautiful town, which mostly consists of woods and parks. In Oleśnica I also had an opportunity to meet a man, who contemplated the issue of time. He was rather certain that it was 9 o’clock on Monday (which was true), however he could not establish whether it was the morning or the afternoon. Oleśnica made quite an impression on all of us. Unfortunately, all good thing always have to come to an end, so about 100 km away from this astonishing town one of our tires exploded. This event immobilised us on a highway for at least 2 hours.  We came up with a following hypothesis concerning this incident:  the right backseat was occupied by Maciek, who had physically boosted this much, that the poor tire didn’t stand a chance with such load.

Awaiting the roadside assistance (what’s the point in having a spare tire if you are going to drive only 3500 km) we made a quick photoshoot and set up slackline between the roadways. Fortunately, we all arrived home safe and sound.


Pictures from previous parts of the thrip you can see here: from the Czech Republic and from Italy.