For wedding photographers, winter is a time for catching up with undone works and thinking back about pictures taken earlier. I’d like to introduce wedding reportage of Aga and Oskar, who got married this summer. The marriage ceremony took place in a small church in Warsaw. Afterwards we made of a spare moment and went to the park for a short session. There was no traditional reception this time, but an informal garden party instead. As I was kindly invited and told to: “We would be more than happy to see you. As a photographer or as a guest!” So I came to the garden party and decided to take some pictures. It was a great party with their friends celebrating whole night. I had a great time and am more than happy to had a Chance to be there. 😉


para młoda przed kościołem

składanie przysięgiprzysięga małżeńska

wyjście pary młodej z kościoła

wyjście z kościoła po ślubie

bańki mydlane przed kościołem

plener ślubny w Fortach Bema